Want to test a COMMENCAL?

Thanks for your interest in testing a COMMENCAL bike!

Our 2020 demo bikes are available all year round in Christchurch, New Zealand. Come and test our brand new range any time!

Enjoy a COMMENCAL bike for a day (or more) on the beautiful spots around the Christchurch Port Hills or the amazing trails in Rotorua! Bookable in advance and specifically prepared according to your needs, your demo bike is waiting at either our COMMENCAL Showroom in Christchurch or in Rotorua.

More than just a bike rental, it can be a real test of the MTB that interests you. Our brand new range and beautiful trails are waiting!

And finally, if you plan to buy a bike similar to the model you test, we will deduct the value of one days rental* from the purchase price of a new bike !

*Strictly one days rental only, proof of purchase must be shown with ID.


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We have never known such a situation!
Half the planet is confined to their homes with strict restrictions.
Even going shopping is like a pilgrimage!

We apply these containment measures to the letter and share these decisions.

And yet...
We must continue to live and to keep our businesses alive.
One day we’ll rise from this crisis because we want to and we're doing everything we can to do so.
We work from home, we refine our words, our products and our tools.
We manage to ensure deliveries.
Because nobody wants the earth to stop spinning!
In total respect of what we’re told, of course.

We'll continue until we’re free!

Dostojevski said; 'To live without hope is to stop living.'
Hope has never failed us. It’s always been our driving force!
So let hope spread like a pandemic!

Peace, love & courage.